Twelve Winded SkyI recently came across archive material relating to this big picture and others that John Busby painted in those early years. In my grandfather’s scrapbooks dating back to the 1950’s were newspaper cuttings and exhibition programmes, receipts and letters relating to his son’s early career– a fascinating glimpse into the different world that is time past.

I recently found this map of various walks around Menston in Yorkshire which John had annotated with delicate drawings of the different species of birds he saw.  The family estimate that this was drawn up in the mid 1940's when John was a teenager.  In his book Land Marks and Sea Wings he wrote this about his childhood in the Yorkshire dales...

Gannets hanging in the wind, in Land Marks and Sea Wings p 54The John Busby Seabird Drawing Course runs annually in June based near North Berwick in East Lothian.

Now led by Darren Woodhead, Greg Poole and Kittie Jones, it is open to anyone with an interest in drawing birds in the field. It aims to nurture and encourage everyone with an enthusiasm for sketching birds, whether a keen amateur or established artist.  Be inspired by the energetic frenzy of the seabird colonies around the Firth of Forth at the height of the breeding season. There are about 20 participants on the course who take this fantastic opportunity to work alongside established artists and get an insight into the diverse approaches that they take to working in the field.

Do you have space for this picture?

This early oil painting by John Busby was recently returned to the family by the Don Valley Academy in Doncaster where it had been hanging for very many years.  The date of the picture, 1956,