Do you have space for this picture?

This early oil painting by John Busby was recently returned to the family by the Don Valley Academy in Doncaster where it had been hanging for very many years.  The date of the picture, 1956,

In 2011, I persuaded Dad to let me video him while he drew the garden birds coming to the bird feeder outside his dining room window.  This bird feeder was a magnet for all the small birds in the area, and regularly attracted a wide variety of species.  Sitting in comfort at the dining room table he made many, many sketches and drawings. 

A Portrait of the Wild - Summer was one of a series shot by Granada TV (now STV) in 1991.  It shows John Busby drawing in a gannet colony in the northern Shetland Islands.

Twelve Winded SkyI recently came across archive material relating to this big picture and others that John Busby painted in those early years. In my grandfather’s scrapbooks dating back to the 1950’s were newspaper cuttings and exhibition programmes, receipts and letters relating to his son’s early career– a fascinating glimpse into the different world that is time past.