By Stephen Moss

" 'My work is rooted in landscape and in the living birds and animals as they are part of it. I aim to show how creatures move and to express the visual delight they bring. I try to combine accuracy with artistry.' So the wildlife artist John Busby, who has died aged 87, summed up his approach. As well as portraying the natural world in his inimitable style, Busby also inspired several generations of leading artists: not simply through his drawings and paintings, but also though the more direct medium of teaching...."

"...Busby was a born teacher and a year after he retired from formal tutoring in 1988 he set up a course in drawing seabirds, based at North Berwick near his home in East Lothian. Young wildlife artists flocked to learn from him and those he influenced include many now at the top of their profession, such as Bruce Pearson, Chris Rose and Darren Woodhead. Reviewing Drawing Birds, the artist Jackie Garner wrote that she had learned more about art in a weekend class with Busby than in all her school lessons put together...."

Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

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