John Busby needs no introduction. His fresh, vibrant artwork inspired a whole generation of artists to emulate his discipline of close observation and drawing from life.

A book review by Andy Stoddart on the Rare Bird Alert website

This latest book (the 36th) from the Langford Press Wildlife Art Series showcases a wide variety of Busby’s work. The range of subjects is wide, including habitats (sea cliffs, shorelines and rock pools), places (India, Kimberley and the Alps) and species (raptors, mammals, grebes and cranes). All are captured swiftly and confidently with bold lines and marks, the result deceptively simple but revealing a well-practised harmony between eye, brain and hand. They are drawn ‘as seen’ with no intrusion of prior knowledge and possess as a result a characteristic immediacy, defining not just a species or a place but a moment. This is drawing as a means of seeing.

Some paintings comprise just a few marks but capture nonetheless the fleeting moment of tension or movement... see link for full review