Garden Birds

In Lines from Nature John wrote, "The most accessible wild birds to watch and draw are the ones you can encourage to come close to you. The bird feeder hanging outside the window allows me to sit comfortably indoors before I begin!...  My eyes can quickly relate to events near and far, and to each side of me as I draw. Then, even if the subject is a tiny bird, I do not feel that I have to place it in the centre of the drawing page, as if within the circle of a telescope or binoculars. Although these are vital aids for seeing creatures that are wary of any human presence, I want to share some moments of close encounter eye-to-eye."

Blackbird and berries 1988
Blackbird and berries 1988
Hen and Chicks  1991
Hen and Chicks 1991
Chaffinch pair  1988
Chaffinch pair 1988