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Seabird set of 5 cardsThree new sets of cards now available.

Seabird set: Kittiwakes nesting, Kittiwake sketch, Shags at Craigleith, Gannet and chick drawing, Gannet Colony

Mallard set: Swallow, Grey wagtail at Bolton Abbey, Little Grebe reflections, Fieldfare on berries, Mallard

Collared Dove Set: Avocets, Stonechat above a Cornish beach, Garden birds, Stork and Cranes, Collared Dove


The Seabird and Mallard sets are 150mm square (6"sq) and the Collared Dove set is 13 x 18cm (5" x 7")  They all come with their own envelopes, individually wrapped in cellophane bags and are blank inside for your own message.


Looking At Birds - an antidote to Field Guides

published by Langford Press 2013

"The aim of the book is to encourage people to see more when they watch birds: to discover new things in the bird's life and exchange the images we pick up from books, for those we discover for ourselves."

Published by The Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham 2005

Land Marks and Sea Wingsfrom the Foreword

"This book brings together drawing and paintings made over several decades. They celebrate places that have been long-standing sources of inspiration, as well as those of rare excitement, far away.

Published by Arlequin Press 1993 

From the introduction

...At art college, I learned the value of objective study... But one learns too that it is not enough to be just an objective eye - a visual accuracy machine. One has to see behind the surface of things, to reveal inner strengths of form and hidden rhythms, and to translate what one sees into marks on a page, marks which must have their own rightness for being there.

Published by Langford Press 2016

Finalised just before John died, it has been a great privilege for the family to bring this book to publication, and we are very grateful to Ian Langford in particular for his support.  The layout, selection of paintings and text are all John's own work

from the Introduction

"...In my earlier books Nature Drawings (Arlequin), Birds in Mallorca (Helm), and Land Marks & Sea Wings (The Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham), the focus was on the landscapes and fauna of special places. Here I have collected some of the moments that gave me great enjoyment to draw and paint

Published by Gollancz 1982

"Eric Ennion was a unique but not widely known genius of British wildlife painting. A Cambridgeshire doctor with a passion for nature, he gave up medicine to pioneer Field Study Centres and to write, to broadcast and above all, to draw and paint the birds he knew with a first-hand experience seldom equalled by any artist.

First edition published 1986

first edition Drawing Birds RSPB       

"John Busby looks at birds with the eye of a birdwatcher and artist, and explains his techniques with the ease and enthusiasm of the expert teacher.  The book is divided into six sections. The introductory chapter describes some of the ways artists have looked at birds in the past and the traditions which have developed. This is followed by chapters on making simple visual records and field sketches, basic anatomy and hints on field craft, flight and movement, and more advanced thoughts about drawing, the use of colour and the composition of a picture.

Second edition published 2004

Second edition including the work of more artists and with a foreword by Bill Oddie published 2004

Published by Helm 1988

image of Birds in MallorcaAnyone who has visited Mallorca will instantly be captivated by John Busby’s evocative drawings.

A guide for the birder or naturalist embarking on a holiday in Mallorca with illustrations of the island by the author. It examines all parts of Mallorca with regional accounts from the Salinas de Levant's saltpans in the south, to the northern Sierras and the coast and back lanes of Cala D'Or. Pat Bishop, with her late husband Eddie Watkinson, were honorary representatives of the RSPB on the island and were partly responsible for the setting up of the first nature reserve in the Albufera.