First edition published 1986

first edition Drawing Birds RSPB       

"John Busby looks at birds with the eye of a birdwatcher and artist, and explains his techniques with the ease and enthusiasm of the expert teacher.  The book is divided into six sections. The introductory chapter describes some of the ways artists have looked at birds in the past and the traditions which have developed. This is followed by chapters on making simple visual records and field sketches, basic anatomy and hints on field craft, flight and movement, and more advanced thoughts about drawing, the use of colour and the composition of a picture.

It is illustrated throughout by the author and other 'live-bird' artists from Europe and other parts of the world. There will be much to encourage the budding bird artist, but even without that ambition, the reader will find fresh and exciting ways of looking at birds, and perhaps new insights into the way nature can be interpreted through art."



In 2004 a second edition including the work of more artists and with a foreword by Bill Oddie was published in paperback.